December 28th, 2016

Live #76 deserves some pun about interdependence

Yesterday I went to what was billed as a meeting of Never Again, a local Jewish (obviously) anti-Trump group. It turned out to be a sing-along, instead. I contributed what I could, though my cold having reached deep into my chest this probably sounded rather like an asthmatic bullfrog. I also contributed my ballpoint pen, when they passed around a signup sheet and theirs didn’t work. Now to find out if they’re as determinedly incompetent as all the other such groups in town – I hope not, but hope tends to run counter to the odds. *shrug* *Sometimes* it works.

Today I’m doing the spaghetti squash thing again, this time for the Direct Action Alliance. Same comment about hope applies. DAA is meeting an hour after the Cascadian group, so I’m prevailing on Liam to use Barrett’s truck to drive us about. It’s a new Cascadian group; hopefully there will be some new faces and I can meet some new and not-yet-corrupted people. In the meantime, I spend as much of the day as possible keeping my chest as warm as possible, which seems to help.

I’ve got a screed about corrupt activism which I might post here later. Sneaky stuff, corruption – the problem is figuring out when one *has* become corrupted, and practicing self-healing. More on that later.

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