January 8th, 2018

Improv proposal

How does one write a proposal for an improvisational activity?

"What are you going to do?"

"If I know, I'm not doing my job."

There *is* a lot of structure to improv, and some of it runs fairly deep. But which if any elements of that structure are activated is dependent on immediate and complex input, and the decision structure requires to remain undefined.

A few things *are* defined. For example, that there will be a response. And that it will be timely, and obviously indicate that it is in fact in response to the specific stimulus it is responding to. But we can play games with that too; if the stimulus is you commenting about your back, I could respond with a comment about someone else checking out your butt, which is *not* your back, but is close to it and conceptually related.

I'm working on a grant proposal for the "Revitalize the Citizenry" program I've devised. There are some bits of well-developed structure for it, but they aren't the core of the problem, they're just a good set of tracking tools for keeping track of it. The real core of the idea is making it fun for people to pay attention to, recognize, and reward proper civic behavior by the people around them,and to encourage them to engage in such behavior themselves and render themselves easier for other people to similarly reward.

Okay, I've just given you the elevator pitch; that's the whole thing in about a hundred words. But the grant application wants a 2500 word essay (about five pages if you prefer that metric), and I haven't figured out how to give them an intermediate level of detail -- where my mind is at right now is either at the orbital-snapshot elevator pitch level, or the nuts-and-bolts "this is how it fundamentally works" level.

I don't *have* all of those details, and I know it, and that's OK. I have *some* of them, and what the grant is *for* is developing the rest to create an implementable model, and then implement it.

*Sigh.* Back to working on "how."