July 12th, 2018

Getting derailed.

I went to a presentation on "Navigating the Oregon Labor Movement" last night, given by the AFL/CIO.

The many Union people I've been dealing with for the last half-dozen years mostly strike me as good, well-intentioned people who are trying to do all the right things for mostly-inaccurate reasons.

I am hesitant to try to point this out to them; when I've tried such things previously I got fired a couple of times for it. People do *not* like having their fundamental premises questioned, on the whole. (Even research scientists.)

Note that I say "mostly inaccurate", rather than "wrong." If I can concentrate long enough, I'll get back to that. I'm having a Trump-overload morning, and it's not 7am yet. Collapse )

Progress is good.

"warriorsavant" pointed out that garage sales are depressing; he's right. But even if I make no money at all and just send all the stuff to Goodwill on Tuesday, I will no longer have the $150/mo. storage area fee any more. I'm good with that. (I would *also* like to make some money. But that's extra.)

Today I got the first of three van-loads out of the unit and into my driveway. Tomorrow morning early I go get the second load; the third is the two big center section pieces of the entertainment center, which should happen at 1pm if I can get at least two people to help. Or one very cooperative gorilla, which is unfortunately unlikely.

I've got 4 conflicting events for Saturday, but since I moved all *his* stuff for him, I'm counting on Liam to do the "sit in driveway and take money" part of things. I might even be able to get the use of the van to shuttle back and forth between all my meetings; haven't talked with him about that yet.

Having gotten some hard physical work done feels good.