July 20th, 2018

Not *quite* concluding cleanout.

It's 2am; the truck to Take Things Away will be here in six hours. I'm nowhere near done looking through the stuff; anything I haven't investigated by the time they arrive just goes. I'm OK with that.

I've found my good cloak and my wedding outfit; I'll hang on to those. A lot of entirely useable stuff, just not worth the space to keep it in inventory.


I was outside 'til 2am last night sorting and arranging stuff for the charity pick-up, was up again at 5am doing more of same, came inside to hit the john at about 8:10am, and came out again to see the ass-end of the departing truck, with only a third of the stuff I'd intended to donate gone from the front part of the driveway.

Now to find a way to get rid of the rest of it.