August 9th, 2018

Oblique progress

I didn't get most of my list done today, and I still feel great about it.

Met with Brian at 8am, and he brought his wife and friend Randy with him. After we spent a couple of hours discussing his (non-)campaign, we went back to my place and I gave him about a quarter of the stuff in the driveway I'm still trying to get rid of. And then he gave me a ride to and from the resale store to pick up the breadboxes I bought on Monday.

And then the new mini-fridge arrived, and I rearranged and cleaned the kitchen. And then made dinner for Garrett and Darius, altho' Garrett was a no-show, which seems to be a pattern with him.

Tomorrow I want to swap the big hanging basket in my bedroom for the little one, and hang the big one in the kitchen. And then mop all the moppable floors. And then it's time to get back to writing Para and Schmoo.

Yay, progress!