March 6th, 2019

*I'm* coming up tomorrow, whether the Sun bothers or not.

Tomorrow's gonna be busy. This is good.

I finally got signed up for a gym, and tomorrow is my first day at it. I plan on doing two 20+ minute stints on an elliptical machine, and 15 minutes of abdominal work in between. Then shower and go home --

And call Robert at the Siletz Agency for help with the Siletz characters in the story I'm writing. And text and call Marco, whom I met on the train Tuesday and has similar help to offer. And Dad, 'coz he's Dad.

And then dentist at noon. And then finish reading Ecotopia, and make some more progress on Boik. (Boik's editor really should have cut the first three dozen pages of the book, but from context I think those pages were the editor's idea in the first place. Boik needs a new editor.)

Sleep, first.