March 9th, 2019

Successful Day #3, and it's getting harder, as expected.

I postponed going to the gym this morning on purpose, since yesterday was long and tough, my night's sleep was too short, and I had a 9am breakfast meeting to get to. Meeting successful, sent email to Steve of GEARCon as a result, and still owe a summary to Marco of Pueblo, which is who I'd been meeting with. After a couple of hours of frenetic stewing, *then* I went to the gym. I started with 5 min. on the treadmill at 10% slope and 2.7mph, and then did a lot of other things I didn't keep close track of.

I expect it to be harder tomorrow and Monday, also. And I need to do the homework on other gyms in the area, so I have real data on whether the deal they're offering at this one is in fact a deal. If everything works out, I expect things to start getting back to "normal" about Tuesday or Wednesday. My initial baseline is ten minutes cardio, five minutes abdominal, ten minutes of some other kind of cardio, and five minutes of Something Else. My objective is to double all those durations within the first month.

Dad hasn't answered his phone or called back for a couple of weeks. I'm not worried; a bit *annoyed*, but if there was something to worry about I'd have heard from Carole or her son Tom.

I've got to work on that letter to Marco; back at you tomorrow with more data on the Rest of Life, I hope.

Update Finished and sent letter to Marco, finished reading Ecotopia. 11pm, should get to bed.