May 15th, 2019

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Today I fixed the bed and got rid of the paper drift in the bedroom. I still need to redo my filing system (more accurately, *make* a filing system out of the current filing *non*-system), and sort the two small remaining piles into it. But that's less timely than the other stuff.

So first thing tomorrow I take the two paper piles and put 'em on the bed where they'll be out of the way, and then empty the top of the dresser onto the bed so I can use the dresser as work-scaffolding. Then I use that scaffolding to install the four hooks I have over the closet door and hang the robot arms and legs from them. (Hmm. Maybe put the hooks in the ceiling rather than the wall.) Then put the dresser back and reorganize all the stuff on top of it.

Then take a break, I'll need one. Maybe I'll walk to the hardware store to get the hooks to hang the torso and the "underwear". Won't install those tomorrow, tho'. Instead, get back on writing the Iron Fireman story. I haven't put the ending on section six, and seven probably needs a full rewrite. I know what I want to go into #8, but I haven't started it yet.

#9 requires input from Steve, who isn't answering his voicemail, texts, or email. I may have to go camp on his porch and wait for him to try to leave the apartment. Not tomorrow. If tomorrow ends with half the robot bits hanging from the ceiling and I've spent some time staring at sections six and seven, and maybe writing in 'em, it was a great day.

Oh, and call Dad.