August 4th, 2019

A good and productive day. Now, more.

So yesterday I started by writing and sending off a couple of difficult contact letters to organizations that are now making loud claims about doing what I've been doing for years -- "We should really talk" letters.  I also hung up the robot suit from last night, and made several necessary phone calls.  Then I got a haircut and went to volunteer at a NextUp -- ex-Bus Project -- canvassing, and met two high schoolers, one named Giuseppe and the other whose name I didn't retain.  The three of us have an as-yet unscheduled breakfast date.

The structure of what I want to create is a Program Support Office.  It would be useful to name the program it's supporting, but I haven't done that yet and I'm not sure I should -- maybe I should let Giuseppe name it, or one of his cohort.  There's only one key difference between a PSO and a Program Management Office like I set up at Bowne or Novix -- no command authority.  I'll get back to that later.  For a working name, let's call it the Metaculture Program.  I have six project proposals for it, which are in writing but in bad need of editing, which is on today's list.  Those are Citizenry, Positive Proxy, Arcology, Cascadia/Steampunk Synthesis, oh-damn-I-forgot-one, and Metaculture.

There are three other organizations I've identified so far which are also doing the same thing, for which I need to find contacts and send "we should talk" letters.  Also on today's list.  Even without the mundane tasks of weekly scrum and getting some exercise, that's a hell of a list.  And I'm feeling really good about it and want to get moving on it.  Daily scrum with Zack in fifteen minutes, then I can get back to work.  Yay!

Generating a new idea.

So after two great days in a row, today was a flop. Got the weekly done with the boys, and I did have enough sense to stay in out of the heat, at least.  I was hoping to edit all my papers, and with luck remember the 8th subject I'd come up with and lost, but didn't remember #8 and upon reading the existing 7 didn't find the lacunae I had been expecting to fill.  And then it took me six hours to figure out that I was stuck and move on to something else.

So far I've located 3 other organizations with youth-related foci:  Sunrise, Renew Oregon, and the Wayfinding Academy.  (NextUp and Portland Forward were already on the list.)  Sunrise and Renew are both heavily climate-oriented, and none of my ideas so far have been both climate-centered and human-scaled.  So I should come up with one.  Or a few.

The two most immediate would be bikes and public transit.  If we could make operating cars in the City more expensive, that would a.) provide funds and b.) discourage car use and thus encourage any other form of transit.  My first idea is raising the rates on parking meters combined with increasing the taxes on for-profit parking spaces, such as parking garages.  Extending metered parking to more areas such as the inner East side should also be part of that.  That should go along with specific recommendations for how to use the funds to improve bike and other nonmotorized transport.

We have hordes of those electric rent-a-scooters sitting around also.  I do wonder what's going to happen with them when some of the companies providing them go bankrupt, which is I suspect inevitable.