August 9th, 2019


So yesterday I put in a few real useful hours (wrote up a new project proposal, sent letter to Portland Forward with 8 proposals attached) at the start of the day, and then turned into a potato.  A friend suggested I needed to do this, which is possible, but when I try to figure out 'why?' it engages the rationalization engine and I can't get any useful answers.  Maybe I was physically tired from moving all the storage bins the day before.  Maybe I was emotionally tired from sorting through old stuff.  Maybe all the medical testing has been getting me down--I go see Yet Another Specialist in a couple of weeks, to rule out a miniscule probability I have something Really Awful.  (Some blood test was high twice, and then normal.  The regular doc was guessing what that meant as much as I was.)

So, I had a flat day, put it aside and have a better one.  I'm going to go back to bed as soon as I'm done both here and with daily scrum with Zack, because five hours sleep last night isn't enough.  (five hours often is, but not now.)  So, out of bed maybe eightish, breakfast and meds, exercise and shower, brush teeth, dress and get to work.  I'm still looking for another environmentally-centered project proposal; Jules of Cascadia Commons had said she had an idea and would email it to me.  Not received yet; give her a noodge.  Write up the shellfish-farm proposal.  Find contact data for Sunrise and Wayfinding and use it.  Write Sonny at Renew.  Go to the Center for Bio Diversity's Wolf event.  Stop, that's enough.