PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Okay, *MY* Problem: I've got 20 years of hard training to explain my ideas to a live F2F audience and gain consensus with them before pursuing them. Consensus is a difficult and inefficient means of getting buy-in; much like was once said of democracy, its only advantage is that it works. In the "Real World", we often don't have the luxury of waiting for consensus, which is why Management was invented.

Management pisses me off, especially as I was once well-paid to do it. The part of the job they would teach you in a B-school is reasonably simple, easy, and fulfilling; it just consists of mapping resources onto job requirements,fiddling one or the other 'til they fit each other, motivating your people to apply the resources to the task, and reporting to your boss about whether you have what you need to get your part of the job done on time. In actual practice it turns into upper-management pressure on mid-level managers to cheat like hell, which is why the system eventually collapses. Everybody Else Is Doing It, and you do too or you get fired for low performance. If you saw the SciAm article on the Prisoner's Dilemma a few years back, that's what it's like.

And right now I have a whole bunch of great ideas I need to get out of my head, and an equally big bunch of practical jobs that need me to do them, and my head is preparing to shut down with a tension headache. If I had a People to serve (kinky people reading this are welcome to think of me as a service-oriented Dom), conquering my pain would be relatively trivial, but assembling the People is about Job #3 on the list. So who is my audience, and how do I know if I've addressed my idea to them in a comprehensible fashion? I don't know how to measure comprehension of hypothetical audiences; I'm not sure it's possible.

Not at all sure I'm being coherent,

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