PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Emotion orthagonal to intellect

Had a lovely day yesterday with Phil and Company. Was somewhat asocial myself, as simply being in a room with a bunch of geeks was as much Old Home Week as I was emotionally ready to take.

Was talking with my sister briefly this morning, and it came up in conversation that emotion is irrelevant to intellect, and vice versa. Okay, I've got a good intellect. Has nothing to do with having the gumption to get up and do something, positive or negatve.

Was interesting that my sis was insisting that I could do anything at all I wanted because I'm so bright, but when I brought up Dad as an example of how emotion is the energy that drives personality she could see it immediately *in him*, though not in me.

Spent 2 through 4am emailing with Zack; now I have to go back and read it and see if either of us said anything sensible. Then went and picked up Bernie's bike, which I have loan of from now 'til New Years. Tuesday I'll see if bike commuting is feasible.

Anyone going to the NYC discussion group from NJ who wants a ride, give me a call. Edit: I suppose it'd help to include the number; 732-249-4034.End Edit


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