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(no subject)
So I take Gabe to his first day of dance class, and the Evil Ex says that because I'm going to work at 3am that it's unacceptable to her for him to be at my house. I hung up rather than say something pungent; Gabe is still here. But I did have to send Zack over to get Gabe's dog, to keep Gabe from being held there.


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Suggestion: By continuing to refer to her as the "Evil Ex," are you metaphysically calling that into motion? What would happen if you belived her to be your "Ex, who wants the kids to be safe" instead? I KNOW it flies in the face of "evidence." Doesn't matter. What if you tried it anyway? What are you calling into existence that you don't want? What could you free up room and energy for if you stopped creating this impenetrable barrier for yourself?

Good call.

It seemed an accurate descriptive phrase I could use in a blog post that people would understand; I suspect your analysis here runs far deeper than the reality it's modeling.

I think I have much more to gain by ignoring her, but that only works when I don't have to interact with her.



So if you really have more to gain by ignoring her, then why are you feeding her so much energy by calling her, consistently, your "Evil Ex"? Perhaps you are, in some grand scheme of the universe, *causing* her to be Evil to you? If you want something short and evocative for your readers, come up with some initials instead. People don't have to know what they mean in order to understand your posts, really. And you just might find that she's less evil to you if you you aren't projecting that she'll be evil before she even opens her mouth. (But don't dismantle your other protections yet, either. Open to the idea, but not stupid, you understand.)

evil exes suck rocks.

What she does with her personal life is none of my concern; I hope the rocks have a good time, and if she wants to try sucking hand grenades instead all the better.

I thank you for your expression of sympathy, and for giving me some words to play with.



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