PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

5AM Saturday, up and even a little bit happy

So I need to simply *accept* that I have a ferkackte sleep pattern, and learn that I don't have to feel tired because of it. If I get to bed by 10pm, get up at 4AM to go to work, have breakfast after work and to volunteering, and take a nap before I take Gabe to his dance class, I've had a six-hour night and an hour's nap, and that's quite sufficient. So I should be awake and alert the rest of the time, and if I'm feeling woozy or wobbly it's an emotional rather than a physical problem, and the solution is to Stop Feeling That Way, which can be effected, if not entirely achieved, by willpower. Good. Got it; next problem.

Trivial problem: There's no one to talk to at 4am if I'm not working. Answer: Okay, deal with it. The world's like that. Learn to need less conversation. Of course, if you're reading this and you're awake at four or five AM Eastern time and looking for a schmooze...

Enough of problems; what's going *right*? Well, things are good with the boys, I'm working, I've got my papers in for grad school, I'm doing okay on health, and things are progressing satisfactorily in the conflict with the landlady.

What am I doing, and what do I need to do? I'm working on an aid-for-veterans project today with Men's Division International, which is a very silly name for an organization that actually seems to be doing something useful. (Division of *what*? Nothing; that's just the name.) After that is taking the boys to Game Night at Skyler's. Tomorrow is clean the house, and go to poly discussion group if I still have the energy to do so after a day's housecleaning. And then it's Monday morning and back to work.

I still need to get the lawyer papers done for both the support issue and the bankruptcy. These really should go out with Monday's mail. I'm not quite up to the point where I can say "Well, okay, then!", put down the laptop, and go do it. But I'm getting better.


Joel. Off with roadmap, flashlight and assistant, in search of buttocks.
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