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(no subject)
Pondering a lot today on Desire. How does it form? How do we come to want something? How do we choose who to be? I find it easy to make up my mind, intellectually, on how I want to be, but then making myself actually *be* that person is still very hard, if possible at all.

Chattering mind; chattering mind. Perhaps I should tighten the ears a couple of turns each, and see if that helps.

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How desire arises has been studied by numerous psychologists. Physical needs and social pressures are important. How we choose who or what to be is tougher. I didn't set out to be a history prof. However, a series of events when I was a senior in college caused me to opt for graduate work in history. As a result, I became a very different person than I intended to be. We make choices that are based on fuzzy, incomplete information and then adjust when those choices turn out differently than we expect.

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It's all in the id, baby. Well, that's at least what Freud says.

Hanging a label on the unknown doesn't make it any more known. Okay, let's call it the id. How does id work? What problems can it develop, and how can we resolve them?

If you're less tired now and want to take another swing at it, feel free.



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