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(no subject)
Went to bed at 9; got up at about 2; accomplished nothing until now (3:15am). In 45 minutes I have to throw some clothes on and go to work. I probably could've done the CIS in that time; why didn't I?

More exploring of my navel when I get back from loading trucks.

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I sit here envying you due to your having a job at all these days. I keep trying to get things, but somehow I am getting passed over.

...I am getting passed over.

Stop smearing the blood of the lamb on the doorposts of your house. People who keep waving bloody branches around almost *never* get hired.

I'll call, later.



Oh shit, its too early for that! I have to wait for UPS to show up first, then I'll do blood in the late afternoon.
*blow kiss*

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