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Bellybutton lint held together with Schedule Glue
Okay, I've had clinical depression before, and this *isn't* it. So why can't I fill out the stupid CIS form?

This relates to the "What is Desire" question I was toying with a couple of days ago; why do I desire to fill out the form? If I'm toying with that idea, while I'm at it I can try considering why I can't sleep, and how this relates to the narcolepsy attacks. (Sit at computer, stare at screen, suddenly realize an hour has passed -- I don't *feel* like I've been asleep, but what else could I have been doing?)

I guess I'm going to declare today as having been Shabbos, and try to actually have a *day* tomorrow. I don't feel *bad*; I just feel like I'm running around after my body trying to catch up with it.

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A recommendation on the CIS form: don't try to make yourself sit down and get the whole thing done. Just spend one ten minute session on it. In a room where there's no computer, with a timer set. If you find yourself still resisting that prospect, go for one five minute session on it, same conditions. Good luck.

And don't worry about WHY. You could spend a lot of time chasing rabbits down that hole.

Not at all a bad suggestion; thank you. A pity you didn't see fit to leave a name so I could thank you more personally; feel free to drop me a mail at polydad8 at yahoo dot com if you'd like to do so more privately.



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