PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Update on the traffic mess: It's a circular logic problem. The DMV messed up my address change, and so I didn't get a municipal court notice. THe municipal court suspended my license for failure to appear; when I came in and settled things with them, they told me that it was the DMV's business to reinstate it. The DMV then hit me up for the insurance surcharge, sending the insurance surcharge to my old address, still not having straightened out that problem. So they suspended my license again for failing to pay the surcharge, and tacked another surcharge on top of it. THis morning I went and paid an installment on that, along with a $100 "reinstatement fee;" I have *some* documentation of all this, but not complete documentation. (Fixing my recordkeeping is a high priority; I should be able to instantly put my hands on *all* this shit, but at this point I don't think I still *have* *all* of it.)

If I can find the right "Mr. Fixit" lawyer, all this can magically go away. I don't know how to find that lawyer, though; my previous efforts have given me two guaranteed methods to *not* find him. If you ask the lawyers, the judge must spend his entire life on the golf course; almost every lawyer claims to be his golfing buddy. I will be very amused if I discover the judge doesn't play golf.

Time to go shower and dress, and then eat, and take Gabe to ballet class. Maybe I'll get a chance to call Walden this afternoon.
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