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(no subject)
My, but life got busy in a hurry.

Things that MUST happen TOMORROW:
Get new (used) living room furniture. Done
Get car from pound. Done
Gabe to dance, as per usual. Done.
PolyMunch for dinner. Had a great time; met Lena (?) philosophy student at CCNY, from Kansas; cuddled with Estee a fair amount.

Things that SHOULD happen tomorrow but can wait 'til Friday if they must:
Send laptop in to the shop.
Do Grad School Admissions webwork.
Start the Great Paper Sort; with the objective of having *all* of it filed and put away by Monday.
Empty any paperwork out of the car.
Start calling lawyers about the traffic matter.
Call all the *other* lawyers and make sure they got their paperwork.

Friday: Tentative dinner with Ben and Gabriel.

Over the weekend, file lots of paper 'til it's all done. Also:
Steam-clean the carpets
Organize the basement
Get the china closet out of storage, and pay rent on the storage area.

I suspect I may have a previously undetected drama bug I have to get rid of. Drama is only fun if there's a paying audience involved, and prefereably a lighting board to play with.

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Cute. Life as a one-armed paperhanger ain't what it's cracked up to be. Hang in there!

What exactly is it I'm supposed to be hanging by, and how am I supposed to hang this paper while I'm doing so?

I suspect that some of my feedback mechanisms work on the basis of measuring what tasks I *drop*. So, if in order to run correctly I need to drop a certain number of tasks, what I have to do is have such a high activity level that I'm getting enough done even counting what gets dropped.

I'm not sure I *like* this way of working, but if it is what I am doing, I'll have better luck at working with it if I acknowledge it, first.


Joel. *Splat* (cream pie)

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