PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Had a good day yesterday with the boys; refurnished the living room and saw Corpse Bride, which was good.

Still have 'way too much on my plate; need to order and prioritize.

Get up to date on all the grad school stuff
Sort the paper drift on the dining room table
Write to Gabe and send it to him.
Find a *good* lawyer to handle the DMV mess.
Get the phone number to handle UPS absences, as I'm going to be absent a week from Monday.
Get the cellphone fixed
Get the computer fixed
Get the wireless router working, with some form of Open Neighbor software
Check with the other attorneys, bankruptcy and support
Find the decree and fax to the new support attorney
Poly community stuff

I think that's everything current. All of it *needs* to get done, and most of it by yesterday at the latest. So I have to figure out what's going to get done today. Paper drift; prepare computer for shipping, call Phil for router help, and if I get all that done it was a great day. And then I can go look for the divorce decree. And I also need to finish the laundry and go food shopping with Zack. And if I start trying to put the letter to Gabe on the list I may fall over, so I won't, but it really needs to be there.

There are other jobs that should be on the list but aren't, such as get the rest of stuff out of storage, organize my library, and lose 30 pounds and get in fighting shape. They *do* need to happen, but I can cope for a while more without them.

And I know I'll spend a fair chunk of the day reading "junk", i.e. nonprofessional stuff I read for my own amusement, which is currently S. M. Sterling. But it feels *good*, and I need more feeling-good. Reading a book is feeling-good I can do by myself and reliably. Other feeling-goods would be better, if I was sure I could do them. But I'm not, so I'll read a book.
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