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So, about prioritizing:

I've been a project manager; it's not at all impossible that I know everything there is to know about making lists, organizing them, selecting A Thing To Do, and arranging for it to be done, whether by me or someone else. This doesn't address the issue I'm trying to reach. The issue is *related* to clinical depression, in that depression is also a state in which you can know exactly what you want to do but be unable to do it. Related, but not the same.

This morning, I got nothing done. I had things I wanted to do; I had the time and resources to do them, and I have not the foggiest clue why I didn't do them. No, that's not true; I *do* have a foggy clue. But that's about it.

My foggy clue is that I spent my time reading escapist fiction. I could fantasize about having control in my life that I don't feel I have in my real and actual life.

And there's a lot more here, but I'm being scatterbrained, so I'll throw this out now where folks can comment on it before I wander off on another tangent.

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I know that feeling well! oh man, all too well...

hrmmm - I need to get back to studying... ugh.

Don't worry about why. Just set yourself one ten or fifteen minute task, do it, then have a break. Notice what you accomplished. Give yourself a small reward - a stretch, a walk around the house. Then do another ten or fifteen minute task. You don't have to remain stuck. Good luck.

Nothing useful to add just wanted to pop in to say hello. Missed reading your journal while I was away.

I definately understand being foggy and blah. I have mornings where I wake up knowing just what needs to be done and 3 hrs later I'm out on the patio having a smoke wondering what the hell I've been doing. The best thing you can do is figure out what the issue is, as you have done kinda, think about/deal with it, and move on even if it means just standing up and walking over to clean some dishes. If you just keep dealing with stuff and perhaps mechanically or symbolically moving on, then you will eventually get somewhere and work it out. OR at least it works for me. Speaking of...I have a paper to be getting on with, hehe.

I have a paper to be getting on with,

On what?


Joel. Who will have papers of his own to deal with, shortly.

Hehe, if I could get it on with my papers, I wouldn't be so frustrated right now but alas, no. Anyway, I salute you. You seem to get so much done and I have no idea how you do it unless I'm just a lazyass.

Thus neatly dodging the question, which I will now unambiguously rephrase as "What is the subject of the paper you intend to be writing?"

I tend to have one Very Productive day per week, with the rest of the time spent building up to it or recuperating from it. My immediate goal is to build up to three productive days per week, with an eventual goal of six. This explains my apparent productiveness; if you read about one of my good days and extrapolate that the rest are like that one, I look teriffic.

I have no clue whether you're a lazyass; if you're close enough I could come over for a day and watch, if you like. Not the usual form of voyeurism, but I'll try anything, once.


Joel. Up to Item #2 on a list of 12; we'll see how it goes.

Oh, this...this is a BS exercise describing a school of anthropological theory in 500words....it's just such a piddling, annoying thing that it's hard for me to get going on it. I like a challenge and this is busy work.

I like your plan...I tend to have a list of 10 things to do a day. I try to get at least half done but sometimes my brain just wonders off thinking of some ANT issue that I'm reading about or some sociological issue that I'm privately trying to understand or (when I'm wonderwoman) solve. Sigh...maybe its ADD, hehe probably not-I just need more discipline. The problem is that I don't have kids, just selfish roomies. And I don't work outside of housework or school work so that makes fogging off and daydreaming, however intellectually stimulating, even worse because I should be just as productive as people who work even though I don't...get what I'm saying. It seems like all I ever do is school work and that's not terribly productive.
You are free to come watch anytime.
Misty...still trying to get going.

You are free to come watch anytime.

Hmm. Where? There's a sharp limit on how far I'm willing to travel for cheap thrills.

still trying to get going.

Do you play martial arts? If so, a tussle with a friend is a good way to get started; failing that, I find empty plastic 2-liter soda bottles to make excellent boffer weapons; anyone can attack anyone with one and make a lot of noise without doing any damage. Even farcical external motivation is easier to set up than the internal stuff.


Joel. Who will go rumple the wolfhound instead, as he's the only human in his general vicinity.

joel, the best medicine, is transcend and include. even the stuff we label negative. screwing off has its good side. try not to beat yourself up. i've found when i focus on a trait, it magnifies. on that note, happy day! thanks for being a positive influence in so many peoples lives.

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