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So, off to work again. Got a very busy day and evening planned; with any luck, I'll actually be able to follow through on the plans.

Work done
Get home, shower and change done
Load Gabe's unicycle done
Make bank deposit done
Get haircut done
Transcribe directions for tonight Done
Get PIN and file FAFSA application -- tried; can't download PIN. Help message sent.
Ship laptop off to be fixed Done
Call lawyers
Visit shrink Done
Take Gabe to his dance class
Attend Parent's Night at the school
Take Gabe to Ben & Gabe's
Attend Paradigm Parkway sendoff in Brooklyn
Gather up Gabe and go home
Fall down go boom

Had some good talking with Gabe last night; I hope I'm not over-rating his twelve-year-old comprehension. Had some conversation with my Mom, too; I have to get used to the fact that my parents will not only never be who I wanted them to, they'll never be up to what they used to be themselves. And I have to start factoring into my life-planning that, based on this data, *I* probably won't be, either.

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I thought it was interesting that on my flist, your post was right next to this quote of the day from bikerwalla

Good luck with your plans, long and short term

i love your comment about how parents work out, and how we're just part of a long chain of parents that aren't what our kids think we'll be.
the circle of life. feel free to email me @ radicalshift@hotmail.com i'd love to chat about some other personal stuff. thanks for the interaction.

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