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(no subject)
First, a quick

Wednesday Work; get call-in-sick phone number done
Shower, change, etc. Done
Get PIN and submit FAFSA application, regardless of what or how many bureaucratic snafui get thrown my way.
Applied for new PIN #, at their direction. Now have to wait for it to arrive by snail mail.
Get lawyer for DMV stuff Spoke with several; got enough free advice I think I can handle it.
Call other lawyers Need to do creditor list for John; left message for Josh re support issue.
Pay cellphone bill Done; also got # for warranty exchange and instructions on voicemail setup.
Take Gabe to dance; discuss Inspiration and his performance of yesterday.
Get china cabinet from storage; pay for storage
Order bass for Gabe

Need to do tomorrow, Thursday: Make dinner for Saturday and do laundry

I'm pulling an almost-all-nighter tonight; after the sendoff meeting last night I went and had company with bensong1, grabbed an hour's nap on his couch, and finally left for home at 2:30AM. And in half an hour I'll go to work again. Amazing, how that works.

Talked with Ben about how to encourage artistic inspiration in offspring. I'm not sure I have any conclusions as yet, other than that it'd be best to be able to *demonstrate* creative passion for them, rather than describing it. I'm not sure I'm up to the task; creation is hard enough without trying to do it in front of a highly critical audience. (Writing, for example, can be done all by myself, which would be easier.)

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writing is clearly creative. you're modeling it all the time.
maybe writing things the boys would read, and get inspired by.

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