PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Now in the office. Sometimes taking the bus is *more* tiring than riding my bike, today was one of those mornings. Took longer, too; it's 8.1 miles here and the bus took an hour and a half.

From earlier:
Sitting at home and sweating; I didn't get Joan's tree trimmed and my treadmill work done in time to ride in with Christine. I did, however, do 1.9 miles in 25 minutes on a 9 degree slope, for a total of 340 calories expended. Ah, the wonders of quantification. So now I shower and take a bus in. Breathe, first; I noticed that for the first time I was able to relax my diaphragm a bit while walking.

Have had some lovely IM with [Bad username: vanillastwist], yesterday. And I do hope to continue it, though flirting with people on the other side of the continent has a more pronounced element of wishful thinking to it than would be to my taste. On Tevye's other hand, though, last time I tried it I ended up with a [Bad username: kindredsgirl], so maybe it's a good idea anyway.

On the way into work I should stop off at the bank and the bike shop. The rest can wait.

Now 10:40am, have dropped off the bike, been to the bank, watered the flowers, and I'm waiting for the second bus. Waited half an hour for the first one; we'll see how long #2 takes. #51, actually, but only the second bus of the day for me.
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