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Has anyone seen my tuchus?
It was here just a minute ago. Really. First I chased it around the living room, then out to the barber's, then over to the bank and the coffeehouse. Next to work, then home again, then dinner with Zack and then the Jimmy Jam to honor Mr. Carter, and incidentally listen to a lot of good blues.

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*rofl* It's flying among the stars...

if i'm lucky, i'll catch it flying by *winks*

I don't know who was playing, but I like the sound of it. I have always had a lot of respect for Jimmy Carter. People don't rank his presidential performance very high, but I always liked his integrity and his principles. He's also used his "elder statesman" status to do a lot of great things since he left office. More so than any other former president in my lifetime, I am certain.

I agree; he's the best ex-president we've had since at least colonial times, if not ever.

The jam, regretfully, has production values that would embarrass any sixth-grade production I've ever helped with.



I promise I'll find it when I see you tomorrow night.


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