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Starting a new week
Had kindredsgirl's company for the weekend; she went home last night. A very enjoyable weekend, if spent more in talking and less in bedroom sports than anticipated beforehand. Was good.

My non-LJ son Gabe is with me for the whole week, which is great. He's still asleep; I'm down at the LAMI office, as I have no internet from home. He doesn't want to be over-scheduled, so the only item on the schedule with him is a brigantine sail on Wednesday. Me, I've got a conference call at 6pm tonight and a stack of things that want me to write 'em which I have as an agenda but *should* create an actual schedule for.

Off to do maintenance tasks; more conversational post to follow when that's done.

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How lovely for you both to have a weekend together!

My kids like to be unscheduled, too. It can be simpler for me in some ways, unless they get on each other's nerves. Then all hell breaks loose and I send them to the park.

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