PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Somebody throw that man a duck ...

So I guess I'll title this last, if I can think of something. Read first, which was a larger mistake than normal, as both bradhicks and nebriscj were posting even-more-coherent-than-normal well-justified rants against the treasonous murderers currently occupying the government of the country we share.

I'd last tried calling my Senator's office yesterday, and got the usual flunky brush-off; "Your opinion will be reported." I will reiterate my oft-stated opinion that there are no Senators or Representatives currently in office who do not deserve to be torn limb-from-limb by their constituents. Specifically including mine.

So, at least in addition to being corrupt they are also incompetent; if they were actually *capable* of doing something they'd be much more actively dangerous.

But that doesn't help me figure out what *I* should be doing. At this point I'm starting to agree with my brother's prediction from '04 when he left the country, that the USA would be either a fascist dictatorship or in open, bloody civil war by '10. And I'm not sure which would be the worse option. But again, what should *I* be *doing?*

The best I can come up with is to try to build good community and family where I am with the people that I have. Any other hints, suggestions, or requests are eagerly solicited; if there's *more* I can be doing, I want to be doing it.
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