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(no subject)
So I've gotten into my email by starting up Exploder for the first time since I bought the machine, and that works. Firefox isn't getting into Yahoo, for some reason. But of course running Exploder forced me to reboot into XP. My Pidgin chat client is hosed in XP for some reason, so as long as I'm here to check my email I can't do IM. After I'm done here, I'll reboot into Ubuntu again so I can use chat.

I think I want to tie a string around my middle and call myself a yo-yo.

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If this has come up before, forgive the repitions due ty memory failure. I like Opera, and it could give you a non-IE alternative that will sometimes work when Firefox won't. Unfortunately, there are some on-line apps (notably, Goole Docs) that won't work with Opera.

Edited at 2007-11-13 03:09 pm (UTC)

I have Opera and Firefox both under both XP and Ubuntu. Didn't try Opera under XP last night. Currently under Firefox on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and everything's working.



I'd rather see you use a hula hoop than tie a string around your middle.

I would recommend getting a hoop whose diameter is close to your height, that will be easier to use than a smaller hoop, actually.

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