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Sailing At Night
is actually motor-boating, at least in LA harbor. The wind dies at sunset, at which point one can either fire up the motor or sit in the water and watch the sails flap.

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Maybe the last temptation isn't so much about caring what everyone thinks and thus moving the waters to react as it is not knowing if the tide will invariably gravitate toward murderous insanity, as it always does.

Don't think for a moment I don't realize that we all dream ourselves real. It's the others who think they're real causing all the problems and rise for concern.

One foot in, one foot out, for as long as this dance continues.

I'm unable to figure out the context from which you're speaking, and I don't recognize which human goes with this user name. Care to fill me in?

Myself, I'd been speaking quite literally; an hour ago I was sailing a brigantine around Terminal Island. Or motoring it, to be more precise.


Joel. Who is indeed willing to contemplate the idea that maybe the Hokey Pokey *is* what it's all about, but now we have to define "it."

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