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(no subject)
It occurs to me to write a spoof of a standard TV talk show in which the "host" has the old-testament Jahweh as a guest, and proves that all evil in the world *must* be God's fault.

WHo should then get struck by lightning? The host, or God?

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I vote for God, a la the "disappearing in a puff of logic" in the Douglas Adams universe.

that's what I was going to say ;p

I'm not sure lightning works on Jhwh. Perhaps I should use my staff, instead.




But that's actually Jewish theology. I mean, G-d IS responsible, indirectly, at least, for all evil. G-d created evil, and put the capacity for evil within humanity. I mean, it's part of the daily prayers, that you recognize G-d as the "creator of all things," which is meant to specifically include both good and evil.

So I don't understand what the point of such a thing would be: that's just basic, normal, mainstream theology.

I'd been thinking more of the poor manners of the typical TV talk-show host rather than the theological implications.


Joel. Who uses a 67" piece of inch-and-a-half rebar rather than a lightning bolt, but it works quite well enough.

Neither. Unless one argues that evil is human fault, then bolt that one. Evil is not a fault, but a choice of will. G understands this and shoulders the blame, but humans misinterpret and simplify things as 'faults' rather than trying to put the work into it and understand it. Lazy bums.

But no worries, in another 50 years, our children will be wondering why we were so hung up about the stuff we are now. Like clothing. :)

Clothing makes it *much* easier to hang people up. Otherwise the hooks tend to rip the flesh.

My own concept of diety is of a natural force more akin to gravity than personality, so for my own belief system it couldn't apply -- which was why I specified Jahweh in the analogy.



Joel, I don't understand a lot of what you say, and I'm disappointed that you're poly. I was starting to get a crush on you. M

you can have a crush on him. :) I won't mind.


While I'm sorry that you're disappointed, I'm not interested in engaging in relationships with people who want to restrict my options.



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