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Poaching Wireless Out In The Woods
Hi, all --

I'm somewhere out in the woods near Corvallis, OR, and happen to have run across a signal to poach on. I shall return to my more regular posting habits when I'm somewhere closer to civilization.

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I now have a mental image of you living in the woods, subsisting on nuts, berries, the occasional squirrel and intermittent wireless. :)

Better poached wireless than fried or scrambled wireless. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

a wireless omelette can be nice. . .with those wild mushrooms


I usually make my omelettes wireless. The alternative doesn't bear thinking about.

*tries to imagine a sith jawa*


Well, they're already wearing the mysterious hooded robes...

And there's no telling what they've got under the robes, of course.

*tries to purge mind of image of Jar-Jar in fishnets and heels*



So I seem to have been frequently recently accused of. Perhaps I should be beating more people with pairs of unoccupied fishnet stockings.



he's my personal private menace tonight

hello. i had gotten out of the habit of reading my friends page, so i've thumb-tacked you so that every entry you make will notify me via my email. that way i will know when you are posting. cause I wanna know!

*sends a hug and kiss in the general direction of Oregon*

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