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Tatsuya Nails It
It might be at www.sinfest.com, or it might be http://www.sinfest.net/archive_page.php?comicID=2942 . Look for "FedEgra."

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oh ...that was pretty funny.


thanks for sharing.

Tempted to mail her an axe handle, with instructions for use.




What's the significance of the axe handle?

Allusion to another fearless truth seeker

The guy who chaired the Challenger inquiry was terminally ill and very zealous at his job. He said once to someone who was not behaving well he would be tempted to beat them to death with an axe handle if only his body's physical condition would allow him the vigor.

And how did you know there was a little floating superscript footnote on that? Well, I suppose most of what he says has those :) Everything is related to everything when your mind is naturally acrosticizing non stop :)

Re: Allusion to another fearless truth seeker

Hah! I like that.

I'm pretty good at sensing when I don't have enough of the relevant information. :)

Maybe it's time I started reading Sinfest on a regular basis...


You and I have been running in the same circles on LJ for a while, but I figured it was high time to add you :).

I'd suggest it, yes. Userfriendly, also. I'll add you back as soon as this is done posting.



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