PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Well, half a day is better than none

Got the phone running, got a new network cable, and tried to log in from home. No go, and it's after five, so the Verizon repair line is closed. So I'm back at the library. It's nice, to have libraries with wireless. My buddy out in Colorado is planning on doing a whole town in wi-fi; it'll be interesting to see how that works.

Got a note from a friend saying "Call me," did so, and found out a mutual friend may be having a tough time and might stand in need of a sympathetic ear. I'm happy to contribute; now I have to see if I can find the number. Probably on The Olde Computer, which I may or may not be able to get to boot.

Bogged down around noonish today and took a nap. I'm going to have to start a kink filter to share the fantasies I've been having recently; while I'm sure my sons would be interested to hear 'em I don't think I'm up to doing the explaining as yet. If you want to be in my kink filter, drop me a note. That way at least the offspring will be getting their data second-hand, and will filter it better themselves.

shadowmorphic, please give me a call at 732-249-4034; I don't have your number.
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