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I need a name...
for something I've been observing lately. I'm sure that name exists, and that I've heard it and used it before, but I can't remember it. Perhaps you could help.

I'm a member of a "Security Club," based on the premise that economic life is getting more difficult and we should band together to help each other out. Good premise, I like it. But we've spent most of our time reading macroeconomic theory. I'm offhand hard put to devise a *less* helpful activity for us; it takes our attention *off* of actions we can take and puts it on theoretical questions that put no bread on anybody's table.

So what's the name for it, when people use The Big Picture as a way to hide from taking action?

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Hmm. I once saw someone refer to Big Picture thinking as Eagle Vision. There are times when it can be very helpful, but there are also times for Squirrel Vision -- looking to the immediate future, and seeing what is the next thing to be done, and doing it.

Not sure if that's helpful, but if nothing else, it could serve as a diplomatic way to voice your concerns to other club members: "We seem to be spending a lot of time using our Eagle Vision; could we try using Squirrel Vision for a while? That's important, too."

The metaphor I'd used was the old metaphor about teaching a man to fish. Give him a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, he can catch his own. Lecture him about fishing and he can starve to death listening.

Your eagle and squirrel terminology is useful and comparatively inoffensive; now all I have to do is figure out how Moose fits in and I think I've got something.



Squirrel vision--yay!

No, there might be benefit from that -- the pooch might like it.

Can't see the trees for the forest?


Procrastination by any other name would surely smell my feet, or something like that.

Too much thinking....not enough doing....

Sounds like a freedom gulch to me if you want to hearken back a number of decades. I'm not that old, but it's the direction I'm trying to head towards. It was like a commune, except it didn't go as far as to make everything equal. It just helped smooth things out and make a new level for a circle involved. I came across it in some of the anarchists literature I used to read when I was looking for a path in life.

People only use money out of habit and are addicts to it. Even if you tell them you'd trade five hours of your work just for a cookie, for example, they would still want to make a batch or somehow make it equal and not respect what your simple want of a cookie. Even free cycling seem to try to go for fair trade instead of free want.

But it was more the idea of creating a system of interactions like parties, events, even places that flowed together so that all could share in something wonderful.

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