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Was outside for 20 minutes today, now have brilliant scarlet forearms and calves. Was wearing a hat, fortunately, so face is OK. Back of neck probably also colorful, but I can't see that.

(Wouldn't stalked eyeballs be *fun*?)

Got paperwork done to get insurance reinstated; should have coverage again by next week sometime. Hopefully I don't die first, but my record at that is pretty good so far. Searched storage area for shade canopies for next week's festival; didn't find 'em, but did find six folding chairs we can bring along. Arranged ride *to* ride on Wednesday. Need to fall over now while body repairs sunburn damage.

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So glad you're still doing ok! Ive become a fairly active uu here in syracuse as has my dad in Rochester. I'm still sort of in lj... just using my skittenwitch account way more often than my other lj accounts and more on facebook and a little of flife.
Saying hi over the interwebs! Hugsyou!


I hadn't been *intending* to be outdoors for any length of time in the first place, or I'd have worn sunblock. It'll suck next week going to a festival *already* sunburned.

Good to hear from you again also; will write more as time permits.

Sorry to hear you got scorched! Pour vinegar on a paper towel and dab it on your sunburn; it will take the sting right out.

Gah, stalked eyeballs, no. I have enough trouble as it is, getting my hair tangled in my glasses.

Huzzah for Progress; long may it wave! I hope your event is fun - stay sunscreened and hydrated! *air hug*

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