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Luddites and parties
Separately, not together. Last week I went to LA and visited Dad and his new girlfriend Carol and old family friends Christine and Suzy. None of them had wifi, so I couldn't get any work done while I was there.

I never did really understand parties. The one I attended tonight seems to me typical; forty or so people cramming themselves into a 10' square room, and then taking turns shouting at each other. I believe there was also music playing, and while I am given to understand that at many parties the music is louder than the people, here the reverse was the case.

The people shouting at me were interesting people, and I passed out as many bizcards as I could -- a couple of dozen, I think -- and I shouted back well enough, I think. Two hours was all the shouting I could take, and then I went home.

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Lol! The people were louder than the music? Sounds like a shitty sound system... otoh you dont have to asjust to the real world at least...

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