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My monthly luxury
Went to the movies this morning. Saw "Professor Marsten and the Wonder Women"; pretty decent for a bio-pic. Other than not getting cancer on schedule, reminded me a great deal of my own life. Mine had a much larger cast of characters, and Elizabeth was a lot nicer than my analog for her.

Finally broke my logjam on the Clubs and Orgs project. Intention is to contact all the appropriate campus clubs and organizations in the 3rd District (about 140 on 8 campuses), and ask to speak to them. I started writing the speech, instead, and now I know what I want to say to them, which makes it much easier for me to ask them to let me do so.

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Trying to convince coz we should go to the documentary. Definitely looks fascinsting....

Good to see you posting again

Yeah, it was a decent story. For me, mostly served to point out reasonably accurately how horrible a place to live the US actually was back then if you were anything other than mainstream white-bread.

Re: Good to see you posting again

I'm still here.... but lj seems to be a place where people link to other sites here... its a bit upsetting.... i do post in this acciunt more often nowadays.

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