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Scribbling my way out of a hole
Three immediate inputs:

1. A tweet-quote about the writer being out of shape, ill-nourished, and in several other ways taking no care of himself whatsoever, and then "And why am I sad?"

2. A longer article on how websites and such are deliberately designed to be addictive.

3. I felt like crap this morning. Flu-like crap, but if it were flu I would not be feeling better now, several hours later. (I had gone back to bed and slept it off.)

I'm not nearly as bad as the writer of #1, but I certainly could be taking better care of myself. And like the author of #2 warned, I do spend more time than could be useful looking at silly pictures. I don't *know* that these behaviors are the cause of #3, but I don't know they're *not*, either, and at this point my own logic is starting to remind me of the old cartoon about "But what if global warming is a hoax, and we create a better planet for *nothing*?"

Start small, simple, and easily reinforced. I've been pretty good about getting up on time, doing my med test, and taking my meds. Now, to go immediately from that to the shower, and then dress and get out the door. Can walk to the park if no better idea presents itself. Heavier exercise can wait 'til late afternoon.

And that also provides a reset mechanism if I lose my concentration: Go take a shower, change clothes, and go for a walk. It's Oregon, it'll probably be raining. Is OK; I have an umbrella.
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Take care of yourself joel. If it persiats find a way to get medical assessment.

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