PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Working up to what to say to Lee

So Iḿ still on Liams laptop with the busted apostrophe key; sorry about that. Zack has very kindly offered to provide me with a new laptop, so this should only last a few more days.

Main thing Iḿ thinking about is how to successfully implement my combined PPR and RCC programs and what success at that would look like. Iĺl be brainstorming with Paul about that this evening. This may or may not result in figuring out how to combine the Steampunk Documentary into it as well, since thatś the project Iḿ working on with Paul. I dont know if that would be helpful, or an example of the Heinleinian dictum ¨You dont attach a bathtub to your design for an electric motor simply because you have one lying around." Still thinkinig that out. Obviously, if the dictum applies I do something else instead.

The current core of the idea is to use my contacts through HCAO to present the RCC to the Oregon Democratic Party as a way to make their Ńeighborhood Leader program work. (I may also be implementing it at HCAO if my discussions with Tom and Lee about becoming Volunteer Coordinator there work out. They are both also influential Democrats, which is how that ties together.) ´

Oops, I see I need an alphabet soup clarification:
HCAO: Health Care for All Oregon, a volunteer organization Ive been active with for 4+ years. Objective is to pass statewide single-payer health care in 2020.
RCC: Revitalize the Citizenry Campaign. An idea to both teach people how to determine their duties as citizens and provide them with the tools necessary to act on them.
PPR: Positive Proxy (Representation or Research; the project has forked) An implementation of direct democracy that involves a proxy system of direct delegation to handle those of oneś citizenly duties one does not have the resources to do personally.

Tom is current President of HCAO; Lee is past President and current head of the Mobilization Committee. Iḿ casual friends with both of them; my current assessment is that Tom has unacknowledged ego in the game that makes him more effective as a salesman at the same time it makes him less effective as a manager. I dont *think* Lee has ego issues with his HCAO function, but Iḿ not sure. As Volunteer Coordinator Id be working somewhere between *with* him and as his subordinate.

Another potential bathtub Iḿ dealing with is the Progressive Party. (I do have a bit of emotional attachment there, but Im aware of and compensating for it.) One of my premises that I have not had the wherewithal to examine is that the Democratic party is nearly as corrupt as the Republican party, and thus not salvageable. Lee and Tom both believe otherwise and are working on that belief. I dont *know* that theyŕe wrong; how it looks to me is that the grassroots and low levels of the party are at least somewhat honest and honorable and trying to do things properly, but that the party has inadequate feedback mechanisms to keep the goals of the upper management of the party in congruence with the interests of the rank-and-file. *If* the party is corrupt beyond reclamation, having another party structure to hand to substitute for it is an excellent idea, and Iḿ trying to create that structure for the Progressives. If not, then I come up with some other plan for helping the Dems implement a communications-and-accountability-structure that can keep the party management in line.

(The corruption I am discussing is at the State, not National level. The same problem *exists* at the National level, and is almost certainly much worse there. I want to tackle the smallest problem that encompasses my concern, and Ive proven that I cant do that at the County level. So, State.)

The difficult issue for me is one of presentation. Presentations of the form ¨You are the problem, so we have to fix you to make things work¨ have as best I can tell a perfect record of failing. The truer it is, the faster it fails.

But Iḿ not presenting to *them*, yet. Iḿ working on getting in touch with Lee and talking with him about the HCAO Volunteer Coordinator position. (Complicated by having previously communicated only by email, which is on the dead machine.) But I can deal easily with the complication; what Iḿ working on is what I need to be saying.

Thatś a big enough chunk for the moment. Next: What to say to Lee.
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