PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

A hopefully quick early-morning musing

I've just had two good days in a row, which hasn't happened for months, if not years. And the weekend had been pretty good, also.

Sticking with today before I get around to reminiscing about yesterdays, I'm hungry but haven't been able to come up with something I really want to eat. I'm going to go with a green-leafy-and-fried-egg sandwich, with red chard being today's available leafy, but I'd prefer to have a firm and concrete desire of "I'd like to eat an 'X'." Well, I *also* do want to eat the mango I've got in the kitchen, even though that by itself would be insufficient for a breakfast. So I guess that's covered.

For today, I'm going to go straight from breakfast into the shower. While ideally I'd exercise first and shower afterwards, that doesn't feel right for today, and I'm not up to enough exercise to get me sweated up. So shower, dress, and *then* exercise. My current idea of exercise is to go up and down the hill five times. Even with it being a fairly steep hill (about 60' elevation gain over about 100 yards), I'd like that to not be exercise. So when I get to the point I can do that five times and not be winded, my next step will be to go run around the park at the end of the fifth ascent. Nice reasonable goal to aim for; the park is only a couple of hundred yards down the road, and it's only about one acre.

Backtracking for a moment, the *first* thing I did this morning was get on my laptop and have a morning meeting via IM with Zack. That has to be part of the daily routine, and when I'm done with it, I'm sitting here poking at the keyboard. So I want the *next* thing I do to be writing all the followups from all the contacts I hope I will have made in the 'yesterday' of instance. And I also want to be a more faithful correspondent, so I want to start keeping track of how long it's been since I've been in touch with everybody and write to everybody individually at least once a month. I can get followups on the agenda as of today; the 'routine correspondence' task will take a while to organize. I don't yet have a decent CRM to keep track of things with.

So the New Morning Routine looks like: Get out of bed, pee, get on laptop and IM Zack. Check today's to-do list, and then do yesterday's follow-ups starting while waiting for Zack to respond, and then continue with them after he and I are done, until they're done. Concurrent with that, do blood glucose test and take morning meds. Then go have breakfast, get some sweats on, and go up and down the hill five times. Hang up sweats to air or toss 'em in the laundry and go shower. And then get busy with whatever was on the to-do list.

I haven't been strictly faithful to that today; I haven't started on follow-ups yet. There were ten people at the Ranked Choice Voting meeting last night, including myself, and *all* of them were good, interesting people. So that's 9 follow-ups to do. George and Colin from Seattle, Andrew from Oregon City, Mende and Will who used to live in Santa Monica, Seth Woolley who's chair of the state Green Party, and I'll have to go check my notes for the other 3 names. Given my history of being horrible with names, retaining seven of nine is damn good. And I *did* take notes, which I will consult as needed. (Of the other two, one was a guy whom I *think* might be Jack, and I remember that his last name begins with L, is Nordic, and runs on for several syllables. He looks like a nose protruding from a lot of bushy blond beard. And the other is the woman I spent a bit of time with on Sunday, whose wife was asleep in the next booth.)

On to followups and breakfast!
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