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Here a neuron, there a neuron.
Two days early, but I needed Shabbos, so I took it. And it was at least 2/3 intentional, not a flake-out day but intentional rest. (Well, OK, I did write a couple of followup letters and sent 'em, and went to Best Buy and proved the incompetence of the Geek Squad. "You're a *shop*. 'We don't have the right tool' is invalid, you should already have it, and if you don't the proper answer is 'There will be a short pause while I go get a new tool.'")

More neurons are coming back on line, which is good. The Ranked Choice Voting people met again Tuesday night, to meet with the Equitable Democracy folks visiting from Seattle. All very good people, if perhaps more scatter-brained than I would prefer -- but I do know I'm picky in that regard. There was much talk of petitioning and phone-banking, both of which I consider possibly necessary in the current system but very good indicators that the current system is in need of replacement. Harassing strangers is a horrible way of establishing policy.

But one of the topics of conversation was the Charter Review Committee, which I had forgotten about. Portland's charter demands that it be revisited at least every seven years. Which is good, because the current City Council system is close to non-functional. So-called "strong mayor" systems are even worse, in that they exacerbate the problems of excessive concentration of control and insufficient communication. So I want to be on that committee for the next revision cycle, if I can manage that. And if possible, I want to have the City adopt positive-proxy representation, at least in part. And Revitalize the Citizenry should be a City program. (Well, eventually a State or Federal one. But City's a good start.)

In devising a good government, there has historically been far too much emphasis on geographical representation, and its resultant problems such as gerrymandering. Positive Proxy is an at-large system, so that doesn't apply to it -- but some issues *are* geographical, and there should be geographical representation. What and how many other forms of representation would *also* be useful? I'm asking because I don't know; that's not a rhetorical question. My first pass at a City design starts with a bicameral legislature, one house running under Positive Proxy and the other being filled with all the heads of the city agencies, who can be proposed by the Legislature, the Mayor, or popular election, and vetoed by either of the two bodies that didn't propose. I need to do a lot more work on this.

I'd met with Paul and Colby on Wednesday about the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine project, and Paul had concerns because his research is indicating wind-power isn't really economically viable on less than an industrial scale. I'm not sure he's right, but he might be right *enough* to cut into our potential markets sufficiently to make *us* economically nonviable.

Here are two links at opposite ends of our scale, in case you want to look into 'em: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9TrUPoevXI and http://visionairwind.com/visionair-5/ . The former costs thirty bucks, the latter about 22 grand.

Bedtime. G'night, all.

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I think you would love the practical systemic orgabization strategy of eastern farmworkers which I've joined as a volunteer. They need a sister organization where you are! Glad you're doing well!

Could you give me their contact information, please?

I will find out what sister organizatuons are near you and get back to you soon. We're in ny state. I know there are groups in california ....

PCUN is the one I've dealt with. They're in Woodburn, which is technically not Portland, but then at this point I'm not technically in Portland either. Boss there was Ramon Ramirez, whom I'd worked with; haven't worked with his successor yet.

According to ben tgere are two sister organizatuons in portland. Ill get back to you on this information includng contact information if they hsve it ok?

It amuses me that you're ddoing me a favor and asking me if that's OK. What am I going to do, say no?

Lol! I love efwa so much and i firmly believe that a smart and dedicated indivual like you would be an asset to any organization of this type. I belueve that yiu would be doing a favor to rhis world if yiu became a member. So in my opinion I'm not doing you a favor in the slightest. I'm merely giving you vital information so you can make this world a better place.

There are other reasons not to use Geek Squad, too. Espeically if you're working for political change. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/03/geek-squads-relationship-fbi-cozier-we-thought

Thank you, but "incompetent" is all the reason I need. Since I wouldn't work with them even if we *were* in political agreement, finding out we're not doesn't change things.

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