PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

The sky is falling, and all is well with the world.

So my computer continues to deteriorate; Firefox is deciding to not work this morning, so I’m composing offline.

I’m intentionally not reading an article on Mueller’s investigation expanding; *of course* the people he’s investigating are completely corrupt, as are the several hundred adjacent to them, and they have the power and the intention of collapsing either his investigation or the country as a whole the moment it looks like enough of them are being personally threatened. And I can’t do anything about that, so why angst about it?

I’m really excited about Revitalize the Citizenry, and I have a lot more work to do on it before it’s ready for implementation. What’s exciting is the idea that I might get on the Charter Review Commission, and have an opportunity to make this a part of the way Portland works. I don’t know how to do RC without Positive Proxy, because a fundamental aspect of it is *proving* to the citizens that they *do* have input into their democratic government – which we, currently, do not, and so any mechanism that “proves” we do is lying to us, and we have to be able to know with a reasonable degree of certainty when we are and are not being lied to.

That’s the grim part, though. If there is an election in 2020, as opposed to one of the current crop of politicrooks simply proclaiming themselves Emperor, it will be a kangaroo farce and will not materially slow the looting of the country. And, most importantly, *that doesn’t matter*. Because the America of my father’s dreams was so fantastically rich a place that even its looted corpse is richer than any empire that came before it. So while I will have to plan for how to cope with whatever form the diminishment takes – empire or farce democracy or something novel I haven’t thought of yet – what is important to me and to the rest of my fellow subjects is continuing to work on devising that functional democratic metaculture in which we wish to live. And that devising includes the implementation plan by which it will be made to work. And I can do that with the Charter Review Commission.

If I get one up and running in Portland Municipal government, that will be a sufficient alpha test to do it at the Oregon State level. But while I spin idle fantasies about that, and it’ll be great if I ever get that far, getting the Portland system working is a big enough goal. “Make one that works”, and deal with after that, after that.

That’s a big enough chunk. More soon.
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