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Revitalizing the Citizenry
I don't have a live audience to orate at while I organize my mind, so y'all will have to do. Or don't click the link and don't, it's up to you.

The core idea is to provide us with the tools and support we need to exercise our responsibilities as citizens. This probably applies in any non-autocratic country, but I'm using the USA as my test case, mostly because that's where I am. I could also make a good case for us being most in need of it.

So what *are* the responsibilities of a citizen? Trick question; the answer is "everything." It's your country, you run it. This is of course impossible, and has been for at least two centuries. But since it's *still* your job, impossible or not, it devolves upon you to figure out precisely which parts of it you are both capable and desirous of doing, work on those, and find someone else you can trust enough to delegate the rest to.

Some people's lives are better spent on things other than governance. I don't want Jorma Kaukonen obsessing on governance, I want him playing guitar. That's probably what he wants, too. The same model still applies, only what he's delegating is "everything." He gets to do that.

So the first part of the program is helping people learn how to figure out which tasks of governance they want to tackle. Presenting them with an exhaustive list to choose from is a bad idea for two reasons I can think of offhand: First, there are too damn many issues and going through such a catalog would be profoundly depressing. Second, we will be constantly inventing or discovering new issues, so while it'd be possible to have a good working document, having an exhaustive listing is impossible. Another citizenly duty is identifying and flagging previously unrecognized issues as you happen to discover them.

I'll get back to that, this is still supposed to be the outline. Actually, my body has just informed me that bedtime is going to occur shortly, and I have my choice of actually getting in bed for that and being comfortable, or passing out in my chair and waking up with a sore neck. Catch y'all in the morning.