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A good start
I spent pretty much all of last week playing host to a cold, which had a wonderful time but has finally decided to depart. I got well-organized for this coming week, with full to-do lists for Monday through Wednesday and research projects for Thursday and Friday. And I got all of Monday's items done, even with spending a couple of hours in the morning barfing. I suspect a sensitivity to a food additive I put in my breakfast French toast (orange extract).

Tomorrow is similarly full, including getting a dental crown installed in the afternoon. I've never had that done before; don't know what to expect in terms of pain, anesthesia, etc. But whatever it is, I'll get over it and my lower left molar will stop splitting.

I hope your own week is just as good.

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Sorry to hear you've been sick; glad you're better now. I've got dental crowns on my lower molars on both sides - one because I bit on a seed while eating dried rosehips; one the result of biting on a sugared almond. As dental procedures go, they're not so bad - what you'll get for anaesthesia will be just plain old novocaine unless you pay extra for nitrous oxide too: not worth it IMHO, unless you really enjoy nitrous.

If your dentist is a good one, you ought not to feel any pain for this sort of procedure. You can always ask for a little more novocaine if you need it. You'll probably get a temporary cap while the permanent one is being fabricated, then have a second appointment when it's delivered.

*hugs* Hope your week gets better!

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