PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Good idea, sleep.

And would be nice if I did some; it is, after all, 3:50am. I've tried lying down a couple of times; my brain responds with some version or other of "But Someone Is Wrong On The Internet", and I'm up and about again. When I'm fully awake, it's very easy to see this is all ridiculous and I should just go sleep; it's when I start to shut down that the filters turn off before consciousness does.

At least I've gotten some useful stuff done. I've got five position papers I'm working on for six political campaigns, and I've written myself a very good outline. (Races: Koller, OR C3; Gasque, WA C-3; Fagan, OR SS-24, Hardesty, Portland CC-2, DeGraw, Portland CC-3; Garcia, Multnomah CC 1.) The papers are on Environment, Housing, Transit, Budget, and Intersectionality. Jobs may split off as a sixth.

Most immediate annoyance is a long-standing troll on the BikeLoud email list. I'd posted there for suggestions for the Transit paper, and he responded by declaring that any candidate asking for help must be "bikewashing" his campaign. I suppose that if you declare everyone in the world your enemy, you don't have to worry about identifying your friends.

I responded *almost* civilly, which won't impress the troll at all but hopefully will point out to the list readers who's acting like a reasonable adult and who isn't. Having done so, I plan on ignoring any further messages from him, but I'm a bit concerned that the one response was enough attention that I'm going to have trouble getting rid of him.

And I can't do anything else about that, so ignoring it and going to bed is the obvious course of action. This'll be try #3; let's see if it works.
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