PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Dealing with idiots

One of the activist groups I'm associated with had invited a speaker from Honduras (named Jerome, IIRC). Homeland Security intercepted him at SFO, interrogated him for 24 hours, and then deported him. As a part of this, they seated him naked on a metal folding chair and aimed an industrial fan at him for 8 hours, towards the goal of dehydrating him.

My idea for how to respond is to have him send the Homeland Security Administration a bill for his services as a gay porn actor. (If we take the HSA personnel's word for it that they are merely patriotic citizens trying to do their jobs, they obviously couldn't have been torturing activists, so what *else* could they have been doing?)

A real American gay porn actor can then publicly complain about this foreigner stealing his job. I imagine him as wearing an elegant business suit and tie -- with the seat cut out of the pants.

Jerome can then theatrically taunt the actor, about how the actor's own government is forcing the outsourcing of his own job. And go back to Honduras and wave his own ass at the Honduran audience, thus making the shaming of the HSA goons international. We could even provide him with a fox-tail butt-plug. Or alternatively, have him offer to help the American porn actor form a Gay Porn Performer's Union.

All of this then puts the HSA in the position of trying to defend their actions by saying "No! We weren't making gay porn, we were torturing dissidents!" I think they would find this a hard sell, but I love to think of what John Oliver would do with their response.

In addition to the HSA, I'm dealing with an idiot on a local-to-me sharing board, who asked for help moving and then got very coy about providing an address. It took me five tries to get a street name out of her, and then another 3 to get a street *number*. I don't know, maybe she expected me to start at one end of the street and bang on doors 'til I found her. She explained this off as an attempt at humor, which I accepted to be sociable, but if I can't find the place she's the one who doesn't get any free help.

On the positive side, I got a good start on writing a paper about how to build an arcology. Maybe I'll post that separately.
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