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Another "ooops...!"
I'm behind on my follow-ups (4 down, 9 to go), but other than that things are going OK. I have a meeting at 9 with a Metro candidate (Portland's Regional government), and an interview with the Sierra Club at noon. And I got up to a friend's page full of Trumpeting, which I need like -- and resembles -- a faceful of sewage.

Trump has been a malevolent non-entity since I was in high school; no news there. And I've already voiced my disgust at the Rethugs whose treason maintains him in office. What I need to focus on is how to keep *myself* centered and functional. Much like taking swimming-lessons in a whirlpool. But as the old NY cliche has it, "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!"

Joe Buck is a nice, liberal guy. So is his opponent Christine Lewis, taking the term 'guy' as gender-neutral, which seems obvious. I haven't met with Christine yet, and my objective is to get 'em both on the radical side of liberal.

...and boom, there goes the schedule. Just got an email from Joe; he owns and runs 3 restaurants, and had a break-in last night, and needs to re-schedule while he handles the cops and the insurance paperwork. Okay, I understand the need and can accommodate that. (Why would someone break into a restaurant, other than being really hungry? It's not like we leave the cash in the till or something.) Does really throw off my morning, tho'.


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Lol ! I have to recalibrate constanrkt as people inconsoderately shift their plans on to a nearly daily basis. But this sounds like a valid reason to reschedule...many people don't have valid reasons to reschedule....

...and should be thoroughly spanked for it, if it were not for the problem that they might enjoy it, which would spoil the whole point.

Yup. There's this problem with creating a mutually fun thing out of a frustrating thing. Lol!

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