PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Cranky body, successful interview

This is my own virtual living room, so I can do whatever I want, here. At the same time, y'all are sitting on the couch reading, eating the snacks, and sometimes answering back, so some rules of civilized behavior do apply.

My body's being cranky, and I want to try to work through it anyway. If it doesn't get less cranky by lunchtime, I may head over to the urgent-care unit; they don't open 'til 1pm anyway, and I'd feel silly going to the ER for "I need to pee and I can't and it hurts when I try." I have some meds for that, and I can take an extra dose.

Interview with Sierra Club was successful -- they like me, and also like me for the treasurer job -- and they also have another person to interview, and liking me isn't enough, they have to like me better than everybody else. OTOH, they also told me that it's an unpaid position, which makes it considerably less interesting. (There was no mention of payment in their solicitation or job description, and the duties are certainly professional and at *least* full-time, so I'd assumed paid.) OTOH, I will be working closely with the Funding Director, and if I can raise the money to pay me a salary with they'd be pretty short on arguments to not pay me one.

I'm behind on follow-ups; my goal is to get all 9 outstanding finished today, and then apply for the known-to-be-paid position at CAT. And I've got a potluck to get to after that, and two bits of cooking to get done concurrently with writing -- but that's an excellent meshing of activities; when I've had too much keyboard I can go chop veggies for a few minutes. (Sweet and sour red cabbage and leek-and-potato soup, if you're into such things.)

Just proved the point; the celery is now chopped for the soup.

I've got two "mortality" issues I'm dealing with. Easier is Dad, who is 86 and has enough money to last him in his current life-style to 90. I think he's good for at least five years after that, and might well make his century; *his* life-plan ended sixteen years ago. So I have to make plans for how to care for him after his money runs out. I do have siblings, but while I can count on them to contribute as little cash as they can get away with, that's the best I can count on them for.

The other is the Big Task I've had staring me in the face for decades, and haven't made material progress on yet. And it's breakfast time, so I'll get back to that tomorrow.
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