PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Coaxing Stephan out of his hole

I'd really like to ask Stephan Leger for help, but it's a bad idea. I am frustrated by this.

Stephan is head of the Oregon Justice Democrats, which could be really helpful in a number of regards, lead among them investigating the Oregon Democratic Party, which much like the national Democratic Party is completely corrupt at the highest levels and staffed lower-down with well-meaning idealists who aren't willing to admit they're being suckered.

The National Justice Democrats share the same problem; their prime cause is to elect progressives to the House of Representatives. But I've read their charter, and it isn't limited to that. Pretty much any progressive political activity is covered and encouraged -- while stressing taking over the House of Representatives, yes, but Party-cleaning and "lower" races are also explicitly encouraged. And while it *isn't* explicitly mentioned, I don't think they'd mind turning out a right-wing Democratic Senator in a primary either.

However, the top of the National JD's is made up of the kids of the Establishment, who want to continue the Democratic Party as it is and to them always has been. ("Always" is pretty short when you're twenty.) They want local action for the purpose of improving their national-level power-base.

So every time Stephan talks with them, they talk about electing progressive Democratic Congressmen, and want to know what he's doing to help them. And Stephan's only 24 himself, and *doesn't* have a family background in politics, and is neither aware of nor willing to admit that he's being bullied. The last meeting I attended, he recited the party line and threw the floor open, and I voiced my opinion that the two best things the organization could be doing were in order 1.) Clean out the State Party, and 2.) Elect State-level officials. *Every person in the room except Stephan* agreed with me emphatically. And that's the last I heard from the Justice Democrats, aside from beg-letters from National.

So I've got a great State-level candidate (Maxwell, SD-16) I want his support on. Well, more accurately, his group's, whether he's waving the stick or not. And he's a timid young man, with a National-level organization yelling at him to do things *their* way. And I need to write a letter to him that doesn't start "Hey, Stephan -- are you willing to stop being a coward yet?"

It's gonna be tough. Any suggestions?
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