PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Solarpunk, Arcologies, and Assholes

Since I've had an autism diagnosis (Asperger's) myself for a decade, and everybody in my extended blood family is Aspie, I tend to get really pissed with people who use their diagnosis as an excuse for behaving like an asshole. Independently of that, dealing with my now-long-ago-ex gave me a real sensitivity against dealing with narcissists. And the guy I had over for dinner last night was both.

I don't intend to spend all morning sitting here bitching about him; I'm just going to chalk last night's dinner up to experience, contact the girlfriend he brought with him, as other than her tastes in men she seems like a good and useful person, and not invite him again and move on.

What I want to move on with is assembling a presentation and a presentation team to give it to address Portland Forward on the subject of creating a Solarpunk identity for Portland and using the Willamette Arcology project as a centerpiece for it. Like all nonprofits, they're busy pretending they're absolutely flat broke, but my initial ask is for less than a grand -- basically, we need a mailing address, a desk, an internet connection, a file cabinet, and about $400 to buy a domain with -- and I know two members of their board personally and know that either of them could literally pull that out of his wallet at the meeting and toss it on the table.

Well, okay, he'd be pulling the four hundred bucks out of his wallet. But they both *have* offices that have room for an extra desk, that already have internet and landline service, so while that doesn't *fit* in their pockets they have it readily available to provide, if they feel like it.

So what I want for the presentation team is a physical model of the Arcology, and four people to give mini-presentations on specific aspects of it -- social technology, energy, physical structure, and aesthetics -- while I play host and master of ceremonies and address the social and financial needs of getting it built. (The *tech* is easy. Toss a billion bucks in my lap and we could be breaking ground next week. Regrettably, getting people with a spare billion bucks to toss it in one's lap is a non-trivial operation.)

There are actually more than four relevant aspects to the project, but a typical pitch lasts no longer than half an hour, and with four team members taking up half of that, and my introductory and MC duties taking up at least ten minutes, that only leaves five minutes for Q&A as it is.

Jazmin from last night is going to be moving to SF to go to school in mid-August, but she has skill as a modeler and we could have the physical model built before she leaves, if we hustle. So excuse me while I start the day by writing to Jazmin.

Edited to add: Letter written and sent. Now to figure out what is being left out of the presentation, and figure out the dependencies within it. End Edit
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